Opening on Tuesday January 9, 2001, David Zwirner and Zwirner & Wirth will present the work of On Kawara. This will be the artist's second one-person exhibition with David Zwirner, and his first at Zwirner & Wirth.

The exhibition One Million Years (Past and Future) at David Zwirner presents a sound installation by On Kawara featuring 10 compact discs (5 from the Past and 5 from the Future), which is part of an ongoing work by the artist. These 10 compact discs were produced and recorded by the gallery for this exhibition. Also on exhibit are 20 binders (10 from the Past and 10 from the Future) with xeroxes of typewritten pages, entitled One Million Years. On Kawara started this work in 1970 with the Past series, and in 1980 with binders for the Future series; the work was ended in 1998. The 20 volumes of these pages exhibited in the gallery document the passage of chronological time from 998,031 BC to 1969 AD and from 1996 AD to 1,001,995 AD.

The work One Million Years examines the creation of chronological time, and its function as the measure of our existence. Kawara has also explored these issues in other works such as the Date Paintings, and in the binders with newspaper articles entitled I Read (which was shown at David Zwirner in 1999). Similar issues were investigated in the artist’s telegram series entitled I am still alive and in his post card series I got up (which was terminated in 1979).

In the sound installation, which the artist has created for this exhibition, visitors to the gallery will be able to experience Kawara’s interpretation of the passage of time by listening to two different recordings; the front gallery will have recordings of the Past, and the rear space will feature recordings of the Future. It is the artist’s intention that the soundtrack for this exhibition will have an almost meditative effect on the gallery’s visitors.

For the Zwirner & Wirth exhibition, the artist will show a group of his Date Paintings from 2000. Kawara started making Date Paintings in 1966, and has been making them in different parts of the world ever since. Each Date Painting is always completed on the date which is painted on the canvas, and each date is always documented in the language and grammatical conventions of the country in which the painting is executed. When a Date Painting is not exhibited, it is placed in a cardboard box custom-made for the painting, which is often lined with a clipping from a local newspaper from the city in which the artist made the painting.

A boxed set of the 10 compact discs made for the sound installation at David Zwirner, will be available in a limited edition during the exhibitions at David Zwirner and at Zwirner & Wirth.

For further information please contact Zwirner & Wirth at (212) 517.8677, or David Zwirner at (212) 966.9074.
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